Frane Franicevic was born and raised on the eastern tip of the island Hvar in the village of Sucuraj, Croatia. After completing hotel school at 17, Frane and his parents immigrated to New Orleans, Louisiana. After spending a year working on a shrimp boat with his father, Frane began working as a waiter at Brennan’s and Commander’s Palace restaurant in the French quarter. To improve his English he enrolled in junior college and soon became interested in psychology. After completing two years, he transferred to West Georgia University in Carrollton, Georgia, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree and master’s in humanistic psychology. Armed with a master’s in psychology, he returned back to New Orleans and began teaching psychology at the same junior college where he began his American education.

Avid for more, Frane applied to several PhD programs that offered humanistic and transpersonal programs. He was soon admitted to The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. In the Spring of 1980, he packed up everything and moved across the country to San Francisco, he started his PhD program in East West psychology soon after. Upon completion of his course work, he moved to Sonoma County to do research and write his dissertation. While working on his dissertation, he and his friends discovered a new hobby—home winemaking. In 1988, he completed his PhD and obtained a certification in hypnotherapy; Frane continued to make wine and practice hypnotherapy for a couple years, and soon enough, he’d made more wine than his friends and family could drink.

On the outskirts of Santa Rosa, in 1990, Frane opened a small winery called One World Winery. In 1994, he met his wife-to-be—Janae Franicevic— a natural born businesswoman with an impeccable knack for promotion, marketing, and everything it takes to build a successful business. In 1998, upon Janae’s recommendation, One World Winery became Sunce Winery (Sunce means Sun in Croatian); that same year, under Janae’s vision, they acquired their current property, planted the vineyard, and built the winery you visit today.